Sneakers Simplified.

The most powerful automation software.  

Advanced Features

Proven performance with Millions of Checkouts


Optimized to run thousands of tasks at light speed.

Streamlined Release Calendar

View all the upcoming releases with our recommendations to set up in seconds.

User-Friendly Interface

A simple and intuitive user interface to provide the best experience.

Smart Analytics

Providing key information swiftly to view your performance.

Multiple Modes

Releases or Restocks, we got you covered with checkouts in milliseconds.

24/7 Support

With staff all over the world, you’ll always have 1 on 1 support ready to help

Providing Speed, Simplicity, and Consistency

Proven performance with Millions of Checkouts

Purchase highly coveted from your favorite retailers.

The only sneakers bot you’ll ever need.


How much does the bot cost?

The retail price of Lumen AIO is $300 with a monthly renewal fee of $35.

What sites do you support?

We currently support over 100 websites, including Yeezy Supply, US and CA Footsites, PacSun, SSense, and all Shopify stores!

What operating systems are supported?

We currently support windows and mac.

When will you restock?

We currently have no planned restocks or group buys! We recommend that you follow us on Twitter to stay up to date.

Do you have any more questions or want to stay up to date?

Feel free to contact us or follow us on our social media!